floral silk cotton dress

Dressed Up // Vogue 1543


floral silk cotton dress

It’s no secret that I love to sew and wear dresses…even though they can be impractical at times.  Should I feel bad about that? Yeah no…sewing is my hobby. I’ll sew what I want. I’ll wear what I want too.

oooo…that sounded sassy but someone recently made a snide comment about my “impractical” sewing that was not appreciated. Makes me sassy. Anyone else experience that?

floral silk cotton dress

Also, when some people see what I sew, they often ask me…”Where do you wear all these dresses?” My standard answer is, “The grocery store.” Then they usually ask…”Really?”


Truth is, I do…. I wear them everywhere. Why not? If I make them, I may as well wear them.

floral silk cotton dress

Ok…it’s hard to stand on a soap box in these heels…. lets get to the dress. This pattern is from Vogue’s new summer offerings (V1543) and it feels perfectly paired with this silk cotton from Fabricville.

The dress feels so feminine and luxurious. It is so light and I adore the watercolor floral design.

floral silk cotton dress

The front has sewn down pleats and the back is quite simple. It has a self belt and side invisible zip. Here is the line drawing…quite simple but so effective in a lightweight fabric.

Tip for ya: This pattern calls for a light or sheer fabric so be sure to stabilize the seam allowances before putting your zip in.

The fit was great for me and I didn’t have to add any length.

floral silk cotton dress

floral silk cotton dress

I will wear this dress lots over the summer…my mom always told be that it is better to be overdressed than under. I seem to have that lesson nailed down!


  • Pft! People can be so rude! I think sew what you like and wear what you like, and that will be different for all of us. I always find it very cheering to see your colourful dresses, this one is particularly pretty and you look lovely in it.

  • I love your attitude about sewing! I’m constantly asked, what do you do with all of those clothes?, but I don’t sew because I need clothes… I sew because I love the process of creating a new garment. Yours, by the way, is sensational….I love the v-neck and your fabric is perfect for the flow-y free feeling style of that dress. I might have to check out that pattern!

  • Nice to see this dress made up. It looks great on you! I enjoy wearing dresses, too. In today’s casual lifestyle, wearing dresses makes you feel a little light, a little flirty and totally cool (both in the style factor and temperature gauge!) The best thing about sewing your own clothes is that you can march (or sew) to your own drummer. Rock on, Margo.

  • I also love your attitude to sewing – why not wear dresses to the grocery store or just out and about? It is so refreshing to see someone who has taken time with their appearance and cares about themselves. I think we have lost the art of looking nice (not necessarily smart for the office but proper smart casual).
    Please keep making your beautiful dresses and showing them to us. This one look lovely.

  • I love the dress! Those pleats are very pretty. My policy is that it’s my money and my time, so I can make what I want. Sometimes I have to remind myself that, when I’m working on my fifth floral summer dress…but they are so great!

  • I often thing the those sarcastic comments come from a place of jealousy. You are and always look gorgeous ……and that is more likely your problem, not the beautiful clothes you make and wear.

  • I totally agree with Linda. Wear what you like and sew what you like!
    I also love to wear and sew dresses. Unfortunately I do find them a little unpractical with nursing and chasing my kids. So lately I’ve been sewing a different style for myself. But as soon as the get al little older I will return!! I still wear dresses but also separates and trousers (I never wore trousers 3 years ago). But my daughter loves to wear dresses, so I sew her lots of dresses!! 🙂

    • Life has stages that’s for sure and we should embrace each one. I was once where you are and it was more important to be able to run with the kiddos! Right now, I’m embracing my heels….I know the day will come that I won’t want or be able to wear them LOL! Thanks Anne!!

  • hello! Great dress and I loved your words! I definitely sew what I want to sew… because I can! And I’m all for wearing beautiful dresses to the supermarket… why not make a fairly unexciting chore a bit more special! happy sewing 🙂

  • I know that!! I always went in my homemade dresses to the playground with my kids and everyone else was wearing joggers. I think people who don’t understand are secretly envious because they don’t dare to wear dresses everywhere…
    So keep on wearing them, I love them!!
    Xx Kirsten

  • Lovely dress, Margo! I’m totally with you on wearing handmade dresses to the supermarket. Older women often smile and tell me seeing colourful dresses makes them happy while younger women give me the side eye. Overdressed? When wearing a summer dress on a summer day? Tssss!

  • Hi Margo. What a lovely dress! It’s always lovely to see your beautiful creations. I too wear all my pretty dresses to the supermarket! Caroline x

  • Your dress is gorgeous and I’ll bet it makes many people happy when they see you at the grocery store in such a beautiful, cheery frock. I wear dresses all the time. In fact, one of the nurses at my mother’s assisted care living facility said she wanted me to tell her where I shopped for all my cute dresses! I also make large, enveloping aprons to protect those nicer clothes when I’m doing chores around the house while “overdressed.”

  • Oh goodness, it’s not like you make nothing but backless sequin ballgowns! You always look equally amazing in your dresses and your casual jeans outfits, so wear what you want! I always eye these silk cotton blends and wonder what to sew, but I think you’ve answered that beautifully!

  • I think one of the more interesting things about blogging and sharing your makes with the sewing community is dealing with other sewists perspective. You’d think that people would accept that you know what works best for you but nahhhhh! *LOL* Personally I love your dresses and don’t care where you wear them, if sewing them makes you happy and fulfills you creative needs then make 100 more!

    It’s a very pretty dress and you’ve picked the perfect fabric and print to sew it up in! Enjoy your trip to the food store in this very beautiful dress! 😉

  • I love your beautiful dress. And that fabric is just so gorgeous and pretty. People mostly dress so casually that seeing someone dressed so nicely might take them aback. Regardless, you be you and dress how you wish – nothing wrong with that!

  • This is absolutely gorgeous! and I know how you feel but don’t let one single comment get you down, I’m sure all your readers absolutely love what you make and what you wear. I do! 🙂

  • This dress is great. That snide remark likely came from a place of jealousy. Make what you want,wear where you want, you look great. I can say this as an ob/gyn who used to wear high heels in the operating room and to deliver babies!

  • Snide comment?! Ignore the little people!
    Wear what you want, sew what you want!! I would rather be be overdressed than underdressed any day! It shows at least you choose to make an effort, even though we don’t always do so on every day . Carry on doing what you do, I love what you do and those who don’t should not judge…

  • Another beautiful dress, Margo. You certainly have exquisite taste matching fabric to pattern.
    I totally agree with all your readers. Everyday should be a celebration – an occasion to dress up – the way we want to. You look terrific!

  • I also love, love, love wearing all my dresses everywhere 🙂

    This one is gorgeous, as usual, on you — I hadn’t noticed this pattern before but it’s very pretty and looks fairly straightforward – my kind of pattern! Love the fabric you chose, it seems quite floaty and delicious.

  • NOOOOO! Not you Margo! I’m so sorry to hear that someone was rude to you. Honestly, when you show up in my blogroll, it feels like the sun’s come out. No doubt, that’s how people feel when they encounter you in real life too!

    Your Mama taught you well. You are an inspiration to us all!

    Great fabric for the dress! I think the print is lovely!!

  • Dear Margo
    I know this kind of argumentation of non-sewing-people – and try to ignore them – most of the times. I’ve observed that there is a certain negligence in dressing, to be underdressed seams to be the new standard. Well, I love dresses, I love well-made pants, I adore feminine skirts and blouses, I love silks and lace and wear them to school (I’m a teacher), to the supermarket, … It’s my style. You do well! Enjoy your dresses! Enjoy your sewing! Have a nice day. Greetings from Switzerland! Enri

    • Thanks Liz! After all the lovely comments from everyone, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to be bothered by snide comments again! I hope everyone reading them feels the same and is encouraged to wear what they want!

  • I’m sorry but what the HECK is people’s issue with wearing dresses to the grocery store (or other regular errands)?!?!? WHY is this a problem? Plus, a dress is *ONE* clothing item. Done. Dressed. It’s not like people are wearing ballgowns on Saturday afternoon Target runs. UGH!
    Sorry, that just annoys me so much!

    Your dress is GORGEOUS. You are GORGEOUS. And you know to just keeping “doing you”!

  • I have been drooling over that fabric at Fabricland for months now. This is not going to make it easier to resist. Curses.

    That’s the new Anne Klein pattern, yes? I’ve been eyeing that one too.

  • Your dress is lovely! Great fabric and great looking pattern.
    Nothing should amaze me but how can someone judge what is impractical for someone else, REALLY!!!!! I enjoy seeing your makes and find inspiration when reading your blog posts.
    As someone else posted, sew what you like and wear what you like!

  • Silly people! Lol:) One does not need a special occasion to sew a new dress! I love seeing all your new makes Margo! I like to wear dresses to get groceries, run errands, pick up my husband, etc!:) I read once that French women tend to dress up for things like that & put on makeup (no pajama pants to get groceries, a pet peeve of mine!). Keep on sewing! This one is beautiful as always:)

  • I absolutely love what you make, and I too get dressed up for everything. I wear what I wear to please me, and to make me feel good! So go for it and keep showing us wonderful garments. Your sewing inspires me and I have fallen in love sewing all over again. BTW, I save what you make and this fall will be making the pink linen coat you made a while back, ruffled collar and all!

  • My thought about your sewing is not “where does she wear that?” but “she always looks so pretty and put-together!” If I saw you at the store I would think you look fabulous. I don’t know why people need to make snide remarks. Keep doing what you are doing and inspiring all of us sewists!

  • I love dresses too! Just put it on and you are good for the day, just have to make sure nothing shows when you bend over. Your dress is beautiful and looks great on you.

  • I am a woman of a certain age who has enjoyed the gift of being a woman all of my life. Sewing allowed me to express my personal style and in a professional corporate world, was often told that that I put myself together very well (and they didn’t even know I sewed my ensembles!) Be proud of your God given talent and continue to embrace the wonderful world of sewing! You remind me of myself when I was young! I still sew and continue to get compliments by total strangers……in the supermarket!

  • I’m a dress girl, too. Wool and knits with tights and boots in winter, light weight, colorful fabrics through spring and summer. I’ve been told that I always “dress up’, but I like to think I’m ‘pulled together’. What could be more simple than putting on one item and calling it done! Enjoying your blog, thanks!

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