Life is so crazy right now. Like the rest of the country, I’m at home trying to not give into my fears and anxiety. So I thought that it would be a good distraction to get back to blogging. And a little reminiscing!

Throwback to a year ago…when I was strutting around a resort in this dramatic….. makes me feel beautiful…. dress.

A special dress. A dress with memories. Good memories…the kind of memories we need to lean into during times like this.

Sometimes when I am sewing a garment, I know that it is going to be special and other times it becomes special because of the memories made while wearing it. I have talked about how my clothing holds memories before ( in this post about my daughter’s wedding) and this dress holds some fun memories made with Husband.

This is the very popular Vogue 9253.  This dress is a lot of drama but is especially dramatic when made in a linen.

First thing you may notice is that my sleeves are completely different from the pattern. My original dress had the full sleeves but I found that they really overwhelmed my frame and I had to give them a chop.

I don’t have a tutorial on how changed mine…as per my usual…”fly by the seat of my pants” style, I just chopped them off and took in the side seams until I got what I wanted. Try it on….take it off…sew…then repeat. Please tell me I’m not the only one who could be caught sewing in their undies?!

The fabric is a lovely fairly hefty linen that I bought at Fabricville quite some time ago.

Not sure why I ever got this picture but it’s too good not to share.

Do your clothes hold memories for you? Maybe we should all get dressed up in something that holds a great memory, pour a glass of wine and reminisce. AND plan for the future, because one day this will all just be a memory too.


  • I love this dress, and your positive attitude. It makes me smile and warms my heart all the way from Australia! I’d love to keep seeing your creations, and if you’d like to include a hairdressing how-to on how you get your hair to look so wonderful, I’d love that too!
    Stay safe xx

  • Hey Margo. Happy to see a blog post from you!

    I agree…more than ever, this is the time to wear clothing that holds special memories. I may have to dig out my spring/summer clothes ASAP. They seem to hold the best memories; perhaps due to Maui holidays. It’s still chilly here, but being housebound means I could turn the heat up and pretend it’s summer.

    • Hi Sue!! Thank you. Yes I think that it’s time to get creative and share the fun with others to make this time at home the best we can. I may get dressed up for a “Fancy Friday” tonight! Stay safe HUGS!

  • Hi Margo….as always I am thrilled when you blog again and although it has been sporadically in the last few year, you just don’t seem to age! And who would have thought you are a grandma of four!
    This dress is certainly dramatic but what a wow dress. I think we all need a few of those and what a time now to wear one even in isolation. It lifts the mood of doom and gloom.

    • Awww thank you Rianna!! You are sweet! I have had such a nice welcome back into blogging. Yes let’s wear all the lovely things we’ve made…at home! Stay healthy! Hugs!

  • Beautiful dress! As always, you look fabulous!
    Such happy pictures and memories!
    We all need to stay positive and yes these times will come again.
    Is this fabric still available on line?

    • Thank you Almeda! No I’m sorry this is no longer available online. But they have other lovely prints that I’ve had my eye on! As always! Yes,it’s so important to stay positive and take this time to reflect and plan for the future.

  • I enjoy your posts and love to see new makes. Beautiful dress-such a happy, sunny print. Keep safe and healthy.

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