Why I Blog

KMBA-Ira Glass QuoteI love clothes and I love to sew. Sounds like a match made in heaven, right? Well not everything that comes out of my sewing room is all I dreamed it to be!

So this is where I document my projects as I strive to perfect my skills – in both sewing and design. Creating in the gap of where I am now and where I want to be.

I came across this quote by Ira Glass…I’ll admit I know nothing about him other than the fact the he wrote these 230 words. ( And yes I counted them…twice )

That is a lot of words to essentially say….”practice makes perfect”. I’m thick headed I guess but it worked because here I am, starting a blog to document said practice.

I love sewing! I love clothes and fashion too, but I don’t always love what I make. And while I think the gap will never be completely closed…as I grow so will the gap… I do hope to get better at what I love to do.

Ready, set, sew!!