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Cropped…..Burda Style 6573

Anyone remember back to when I used to take all my blog photos in the driveway? Well, I'm going going ...
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Hello Sewing World, I missed you. Let’s catch up!

Oh hey friends!!   ... does anyone even read blogs anymore? I have been offline for so long that I don't ...
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Fancy Christmas Party Attire The Easy Way

Sometimes when life is exceptionally busy...a little sanity sewing is required. You know....the type that gives you a little break ...
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blackbird bomber

Blackbird Bomber Jacket

Hi everyone! Life has been pretty busy these days, making sewing almost nonexistent. But I have some great friends in ...
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vogue lace dress

Seasons Bring On Lots of Change

This is one of those dresses that is exactly me. It has all the characteristics that I am drawn to ...
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sailboat shorts

Sailboats and Scallops

Most places here in Nova Scotia you're only a stones throw away from the water...whether a lake or the ocean ...
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blue striped jumpsuit


Are you all shocked that this isn't a dress or even a skirt!? Well you can thank Liz from Sew ...
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seersucker skirt

Baby Powder Blue

Here I am back with another post! I feel like I'm on a roll.... My daughter, Emmy indulged me in ...
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yellow gingham dress

Kick Pleats

Looks as though when I make something yellow, it has to be gingham and flouncy. First, I made this yellow ...
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floral black trimmed dress


Dresses dresses and more dresses.... hope you guys don't get too tired of them. But I can't help myself...I have ...
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Gingham top


Sometimes the simplest of  patterns are the little gems in my wardrobe that shine the brightest. This little knit top ...
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Take Me Out for a Big…I mean…Fancy Dinner

Or both!! The biggest fanciest buffet in town. Cause I could fit food baby triplets under this fancy dress! You ...
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