Hey Pants. Welcome to my closet!

Without a doubt this pattern will be THE pattern of the year for me. 2019 will be the year of the cropped pant for me. I have already made four pairs! It’s Burda style 6573. I have had women stop me and ask where I bought these pants…several times! A sign of a great make!

This pair is made from a navy stretch twill. I think that having a teeny tiny bit of stretch in a pant is always a good idea, for both comfort and recovery. Nothing worse than getting up after sitting for awhile and having a sagging bum!

I decided to make this pair, which was the first pair I made, with pockets. I love a pocket but in this pattern, I am not loving them. I think it’s a combination of the gaping that occurs and the fact that they are a bit too shallow to be useful. I didn’t put them in the three other pairs I made…and surprisingly, I don’t miss them. Go figure!

The back view. The pattern calls for an invisible zipper for the back which I love.

oh… the blouse! I’m so in love with this cropped pant that I almost forgot that I made the blouse as well. The pattern is out-of-print (sorry) Vogue 9204. This pattern is one of those ones that often gets skipped over because of it’s simplicity and really boring pattern cover. I had this poly print fabric in my stash and thought that it would make a good top for work. And it does. I made view B and added elastic to the sleeves so that when I push my sleeves up at work, they stay put.

For someone who loves to make and wear dresses, I have made quite a few pairs of these cropped pants (and a couple pairs of Flint shorts too). I always said that I hated making and fitting pants but I guess that I was just using the wrong patterns. Just goes to show…don’t give up on finding what works for you and your body. I’m finally getting the well rounded handmade closet that I’ve always wanted.

So what article of clothing are you trying to make but you just haven’t found the right pattern for?



  • really cute outfit. the pants look great on you. I like the look of cropped pants but on me I feel they need high heels – which is not always practical. might have to try again 🙂

    • yes I know what you mean Beth. I have made a more casual pair that I think will work well with flats though! I do wear flats…believe it or not lol! I will have to make a more conscious effort to take pis in flats as well. Thanks Beth!

  • interested in the detail of elastic in the sleeves. Did you use the hem as the casing? And does the elastic make the sleeves smaller in circumference at the wrists?

    • Yes I used the hem as a casing for a narrow elastic. I didn’t change the sleeve circumference and I didn’t make them very tight. Just enough that I would be able to push them up and they would stay while I work.

  • Your pants look great – and am a great fan of pockets – it is no wonder people ask you where you purchased them. Nice fit and no drag lines. I want to say – I have made most things you have reviewed. I like your style! I will have to add these to the list; although must admit I generally do not sew Burda (not sure why??). I head up to PEI 3 times a year (heading up in 10 days for a month) and do stop in Halifax and wondered what is your favorite fabric and sewing notions store. And in closing, I am certain many people in the sewing world are happy to see your blog.

    • aww you’re very sweet Merrill! Thank you. The fabric store options are Fabricville, Patch Halifax ( an independent fabric shop on Robie st) and Atlantic fabrics in Dartmouth. Each has different things to offer of course. I frequent all of them! lol. Like you, I love to shop fabric stores in cities I visit. I hope you have a wonderful time here in the Maritimes!! Cheers!

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