Hello Sewing World, I missed you. Let’s catch up!

Oh hey friends!!   … does anyone even read blogs anymore? I have been offline for so long that I don’t know the answer to that…. BUT…  The reason I even started to blog was to document my sewing. And maybe it would be a surprise to others but yes…I’m still sewing! I’m just a little behind on documenting so I’m back to document my sewing and to share a little bit of what has been going on in my life.

First and most importantly… I’m a grandma! If you follow me on Instagram, you already know this but as any good grandma knows…. you must always take every chance you can to brag about your grandbabies!

Without further ado….

Wyatt, age 2 months and now at 3 years

Grayson, at age 1 month and now at 1 year

Gabriel, at 1 day old and now at 1 month


I can’t tell you how much joy we get from having this little gang of boys!!

Obviously our children are very busy doing their own thing, so I felt like it was my turn to do something I always wanted to do….go back to school and take hair design. So I did! Some days I still can’t believe that I actually did it! If you are interested in my where I went to school and how I felt three months into the school year, you can read about it here.

Okay! Now on to sewing!! I still love sewing as much as I always did and it is great to have a hobby to help escape from life when the pressures become a little too much.

I made this coat back in the spring of 2017…woah! So long ago! If you are looking for a statement coat that is really simple to sew, this pattern, McCalls 7730 is a great one. I choose to make view C in a beautiful blue and white striped tweed-esque fabric.

As per usual, I changed a few things… firstly, I omitted the back pleat. I did this because the last time that I made this coat I had trouble getting the pleat to lay nicely. I also planned to wear this coat open, so I didn’t really require a vent. But honestly, I may have been a teeny tiny bit lazy the day I was sewing it. Which I now regret, of course!

The other change I made to the pattern was the sleeves. Instead of lining them, I had enough fabric to cut the sleeve out with the hemline on the fold, making them self lined. I really like this change because it gives the sleeves the extra weight to hang nicely and not “balloon out” when I wear it.

In the picture above, you can see that I also added a trim to the front edge of the coat. This trim is actually the selvedge of the fabric. It was such a pretty part of the fabric that I couldn’t resist not using it. I feel as though it gives it a bit of a Chanel jacket vibe.

Well, look at that…a blog post! I felt that it was time to get back to documenting my makes and what better time than May 1st? With Me Made May,( check out this post for details on this fun challenge) the 1st of May always feels like the “New Year” of the sewing world. New beginnings and a time to really show off all our hard work we have put into sewing our own wardrobes. It’s the red carpet of the sewing community!

Participating in MMM hasn’t been a priority for me because I wear my own makes so much already but I will share my OOTD when I can in my Instagram stories.

Are you participating in Me Made May?


  • While I follow you on Instagram, I am one of the ones still reading blogs and posting to my own. So welcome back! Glad you’re here…hope you will continue to share your awesome makes with us!

    • Thanks Carolyn! My goal is to get back to reading blogs and posting on my own. For me, reading blogs was like reading a good sewing magazine. I have missed it.

  • great to see you here again, and I so agree that blogs are like a sewing mag subscription – so more articles please 🙂
    great looking coat and the selvedge trim is clever.

  • Happy to see you back Margo and thanks for the family catch-up!

    I still gravitate to blogs over Instagram but I totally get that it is more work to put together a blog post.

    I love the jacket center front with the selvedge edging. Definitely Chanel-esque which is a silhouette I’ve been contemplating making for myself.

    • Thanks Sue! Admittedly, the blog is more for my own documentation. A portfolio of sorts…. 🙂 The fact that others read what I share is such a nice bonus!
      This pattern is a really easy make and allows a special fabric to shine.

  • Gorgeous as ever Margo! Lovely to hear your news, and congratulations! I no longer blog as I work full time in quite a stressful role, I would like to but I just don’t have time. I still love to read others blogs though. You can find me on Instagram @aslowwardrobe and I look forward to seeing more of you!

  • So happy to see you back Margo. I’ve always enjoyed your makes and this jacket is a super comeback! Congratulations on all the new additions to your family

  • I’m so glad you’re back blogging! I love your choices, creativity and style and of course the scenery 🙂 Yes IG is great but blogging is much better for sharing the details! Thanks for taking the time to share.

  • I was so happy to see your blog post come up in my Feedly. I, too, went back to school as an adult. I was 33 and had 2 young children, but I knew it was the right thing to do, and I had a rewarding career as a result. I’m also happy to see you are a grandmother! I’ve got two grandchildren, and my grandson’s name is Grayson, too. They are such a joy.

  • I am so glad to see you blogging again Margo. I have been checking regularly since your last post. I only read sewing blogs and don’t have Instagram. I enjoy seeing your makes.
    Congratulations on completing your course and thanks for sharing photos of your grandchildren.

    • Aww thanks Cheryl! I appreciate that! I have missed the sewing community and it’s so nice to be able to have the time and “head space” again to blog and read others blogs again! Thank you for continuing to read!!

  • Yay! I love your blogs! Congratulations on all the good things that have been happening. Your makes are great inspirations! Beautiful coat.

  • Great to read how you’re doing and to see your pics of sewing… and Halifax! Appreciate the time it takes to write a post- I’m catching up while nursing our 1 month old son!

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