Road Trip

plaid dress

Some garments have a very distinctive journey when I’m sewing them…this one was a road trip from hell…I continually had to tell the little kid in my head who repeatedly chanted… are we there yet ?  are we there yet?….           To SHUT UP!!

I have expressed my love for rayon…it’s perfect…except when it’s a plaid and you’ve decided to make a long button front dress! For many of you, you have the patience to tackle this kind of project and love it. I don’t. I want easy. Well you don’t always get what you want….except all the hair pulling moments with this dress did pay off because…look at this dress…. I love it!

IMG_0988 (2)

I got all trendy and paired it with my jeans underneath too. And I got all bold and pulled my best Angelina Jolie leg pose for ya! Finishing this dress gave me all kinds of misdirected confidence…..

IMG_0991 (2)

Ok, let’s get to the nitty gritty. The pattern is Vogue 8903 in a plaid rayon from Fabricville. I choose view E with the length of view F. I thought that I might wear this with jeans or boots and that the longer length would work.

plaid dress

I interfaced the pockets and cut them on the bias which helped them keep their shape when I topstitched them on. I wish now that I had cut the back yoke on the bias as well but at the time I was short on fabric and didn’t want to go get more…  I did do my best to match the plaid so I’ll be content with that.

plaid dress

plaid dress

I love the tabs on the sleeves and I opted for the mandarin collar for something different.

plaid dress

So…tell me. What are you thoughts on the “dress over pants” trend? I think that it could be practical for winter months which is a nice change for fashion…


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