ginger jeans cara top

Cara Meet Ginger

ginger jeans cara top

Everybody!!!!! I made jeans! They have issues but it’s a freaking miracle and I am on such a huge kite soaring sewing high!

ginger jeans and cara top

I always thought…”who the heck would make jeans and who would ever get addicted to making them!??…”  I just couldn’t wrap my brain around this one. Of course that didn’t stop me from buying the pattern when it came out…but I still thought there was no way these would work for me or that I would enjoy making them.

ginger jeans cara top

Boy, was I wrong. I have never been sooo happy to have been soooo wrong about anything…. These are the Closet Case Files Ginger Jeans. This pattern is pure gold and I am finally a convert. I’d kick myself for not trying these earlier but I might get my new jeans dusty.

Ok. So I fully realize that the fit of these is not perfect. BUT I DON’T CARE. These are the best pair of legs holders that have ever surfaced from my sewing studio. So much so that I could actually call these pants..trousers or dare I say it?…jeans.

ginger jeans cara top

If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that I made red pair of Gingers and they weren’t half bad. Pretty darn good if I say so myself! A little tight in the calf but once I wore them out..they stretched and they’re fine. Which Heather of Closet Case Files says could happen. Make them tighter because they may stretch out. Speaking of Heather… if you make these for the first time I strongly suggest you follow the sewalong she provides. Super helpful.

In part 5 of the sewalong Heather talks about fitting and the pursuit of perfection.  I love her attitude about enjoying the process of fitting and being kind to ourselves and our bodies.

Her words..

“Perfection is dangerous”…..”perfection is so rarely achieved. Life, sewing, all of it, is a process. We learn something new along each step of the journey, and I truly believe that getting tripped up by the flaws, rather than celebrating the victories, takes the fun out of making.”

ginger jeans cara top

So that being so eloquently said…I’m going to bask in this victory and work out the fit issues one pair at a time.

ginger jeans cara top

Now on to my top. I am LOVING the cold shoulder look and made another Style Arc Cara top. The first one was for my daughter, it was a floral chambray. (You can find an pic of it on my Instagram.) She loved it and so of course I had to  try it on. I found it a bit to short for me and my long torso so I added 2.5 inches to the bottom hem and it sits at just the right spot for me.

ginger jeans cara top

I had this fabric in my stash…a pretty white embroidered cotton. Perfect for summer.

ginger jeans cara top

Cara and Ginger have been inseparable…I don’t want to take either of them off.

ginger jeans and cara top

Is anyone else a late bloomer when it comes to making jeans? Do you feel like it is only for seasoned sewers? If you are a jean making pro…any advice for us newbies?


  • Two very stylish and flattering pieces! Heather is doing good work by encouraging people to try things that are outside our comfort zone and not being too self critical – because look at the results!
    I have some white cotton eyelet that’s been stewing too long in my stash, but this blouse and your black eyelet dress have convinced me to start cutting.
    (and I have to ask: as a fellow Bluenoser, how do all your photos looks so bright and sunny?!? I know for a fact that the weather isn’t usually like that 😉

    • Thanks Vicki! Both of these patterns are good ones. As for my pics….I only take my pictures on a bright sunny day. I will even wait for a break in the clouds. You can usually tell by how sharp the shadows are on the ground. I use my 50mm lens on my Canon camera and I play with the aperature … f/number This number affects the depth and exposure of the picture. Combined with my 50mm lens it makes the background blurred…which is good for busy backgrounds and then makes the colors brighter. But really….I only take pics on sunny days. What few we have.

  • Those jeans look awesome! I’ve never made any before myself, but I think I will have to look into trying it now. They look super professional and clean. I’m amazed. I didn’t think you could make jeans this nice at home!

  • Watch out, all of that pattern geometry is addictive! These look great! I love the grommets. It makes them look so professional. The mailman delivered some yesterday and I am both excited and terrified in equal measures at using them.

  • Great looking jeans!. I have only made the Jalie pull on jeans. I did okay, still needs tweaks.I purchased this Jean pattern and still procrastinating.

  • Gorgeous outfit & beautiful sewing.
    I think jeans seem daunting because there are so many elements. Once you break them down into steps, they aren’t so daunting. They are also an excellent way to learn a lot of new skills & techniques all at once!
    I think denim is one of the easiest fabrics to work with (ok not thick seams!) and I hope everyone tries to sew a pair at least once.
    My only issue with jeans is that I own so many I really don’t need to sew another pair!

    • You are so right Liz! Breaking it down into parts is the key. It was kind of fun to see them come together piece by piece. I can see that it would be hard not to make many many pairs! You have made really great ones!

    • Thanks Philippa! I know fully well that these need adjustments but I am super excited with how great they are for the first time out….a testament to how good this pattern is!

    • I know right!!! It took me way too long to attempt these. I have already purchased a heavier denim for another pair…I think the main problem with these is that the denim is too light and has too much lycra. They really stretch out after I wear them only 30 mins… No need to read between the lines…I definitely feel awesome about making jeans. There’s no denying it when I’m dancing about in my wrinkly jeans and telling everyone I made them! haha!

  • I want to sew jeans so bad but it seems like such a big undertaking. I want to make it a priority for fall. Yours look great! I like the approach of improving with every pair.

    • I think Liz is right about taking it one step at a time and enjoying the process…it was so enjoyable for me. I was also so surprised at how quickly they went together. I have had dresses and coats take much longer. Thanks Andrea!

  • Amazing job, they look fantastic!! They look professional and I’m so impressed and inspired, I’m tempted but not ready to take the Jean jump but after reading this I’m a few steps closer and know ginger will be my first. Thank you

  • Cara and Ginger were clearly made for each other because together make a gorgeous couple! so bask away you look gorgeous! ps welcome to the jeans making addicts club 🙂

  • Yay Margo! Your jeans look fantastic. Jeans have some quirks, but pants in general are quicker projects and once you get the hang of the finishing and top-stitching, you’re all set!

  • These look amazing Margo!! I know that it’s easy to nit pick your own makes, but I promise you from the outside, these look perfect! Welcome to the wonderful world of making jeans! They really are fun to sew and so satisfying to wear! I hope you’ll make more and I encourage to try the Morgans too! I also love your top! I’m really falling for the exposed shoulder trend this year too!

  • Those are some awesome jeans! You’re not alone in being a “late bloomer,” I just finished my first ever pair of jeans this month. Best feeling ever and way easier than I expected! I got the same bagging out issues with my first practice pair using lighter weight denim but much better with my second pair using nicer denim. Might be time for me to cut into my precious piece of cone mills denim!!

    • I checked out your jeans and they look awesome! I think we do have the same problem with the lighter denim. I have another piece that I hope gives me better results! I have heard great things about Cone Mills denim…

      • Thank-you! I’ve heard great things about Cone Mills too, hopefully it lives up to it’s rep and price tag. I’m excited yet terrified to cut into it, lol. Can’t wait to see your second pair in heavier denim!

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