Feeling Lucky

Have you ever had one of those days that started out kinda crummy then turned into AWESOMENESS! I had one of those just the other day. I won’t get into the crummy part cause who really wants to hear that…. 
So I was out and about with daughter no 2…getting some things together to send her off to school. We planned to get some blog photos after we finished but ran out of time, she had to run off to work. Bummer. Right? We all know how hard it is to get photos and I got all dolled up for these ones….ugh.
My luck turned when I ran into this amazing woman….
 I’m always happy to see her, we chat about fabric and blog stuff…so already my day was on an up swing. 
Just stop now and go check her out! Then come back…of course!
So gorgeous right!??
Mo is amazingly talented and stylish! I love everything she wears and she wears her style with such confidence and flair. The girl can rock a tutu like no one I know. Want to know her creds… 
Style Expert | Fashion Writer | Content Curator , Stylelist Canada | Style Panel & Plus Size Contributor, FASHION Magazine
She is also the creator of Clutch Couture and sells her amazing skirts at The Tutu Experience on Etsy. If you want to know some great places to eat when you are here in Halifax then definitely check out Mo’s blog…and Instagram +misslionhunter   We are so lucky to have her living right here in our beautiful city!
Ok so on with my story… I ran into her and she told me I looked great and that I must be shooting for the blog today. I said yes, that was the plan but that my daughter didn’t have time. So what does Mo do? SHE OFFERS TO TAKE MY PICS! Isn’t she the sweetest! Just watch me jump all over that! 
Thank you Mo for taking these pics for me! I’m sorry for being such a derp… when I looked at the pics I was a bit glazed over and stood there like a stature, hardly moving at all! You picked such a great location and the composition was spot on but your model was… Queen Derp! I’ll do better next time…promise!

Now on to my top… I made this McCalls 7133 top in a tropical print and was surprised at how much I liked it. So I knew that another one was going to be immediately moved up in the sewing queue. I have this gorgeous navy blue lace in my stash and with its lovely scalloped edge, I knew it would make a pretty crop top. Once again, I removed the center back seam and moved the zipper to the side seam, inserting it upside down like my last one. I used the scalloped edge for the hemline and I love how it looks in contrast with my ivory lace skirt.

I love that scalloped edge so much!!

I felt so ladylike in my outfit and we all know how much I love a navy and white outfit. I can see this top with my white pants as or a pair of culottes…got to get to making those… or navy and white striped skirt….. hmmm… why haven’t I made one of those already?
It never really ends does it?  There is always something else to sew….


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