Oh Yeah…I Almost Forgot…

Me-Made-May! When I made my pledge I think I promised to share my outfits here once a week. It has been more than a week but the first one was so short, that I didn’t bother. So here they are..eight days of me-mades.
Comfy Knits
Spring Fever
Fall Floral
Walking on Sunshine
Fall Fatigue
Something a Little Different
Long Waisted
What have I learned this week about what my wardrobe?
1.Red is a good color on me.
2.My skirts are more comfortable than my jeans.
If you are participating in MMM, how is it going for you? What are you learning about your Me-Made wardrobe?


  • You have such great style! I can hardly tell which pieces are me-made and which pieces are RTW, and I mean that as a huge compliment. 🙂 Everything works together quite seamlessly.

  • I have to agree with Jessica, and I love the way your me mades integrate with your RTW wardrobe – it looks so sustainable. The month is going pretty well for me in terms of finding things to wear, but I'm not finding the time to keep up with the Flickr pool properly this year!

  • Thank you Jessica! But believe me when I tell you that there have been lots of flops in my me made wardrobe that haven't worked. I think MMM is great for figuring out what really works for everyday and what is missing from it.

  • Thanks Gabrielle! Taking pictures everyday is very tricky. Lucky for me, I have a budding photographer who likes to take my pictures for me! (most days anyway)

  • Lovely, elegant choices as ever. After years of living in jeans I seem to be more comfortable in s skirt this May, too. Hooray for a bit of variety and femininity!

  • Red is a wonderful color for you! But, so is the black and white.
    I'm opting out of MMM this year, just didn't have the time to catch up. I sure miss the fun, your outfits look so cute and stylish.

  • Becki! Thanks for your lovely comments! Yes, MMM while fun, is a bit of work to keep up to. Today was actually the first day I didn't get a pic…I was busy moving furniture…one kid moves out and another gets a new room…. so even though I had a me made on, I just didn't get a pic. It's hard to comment on all the lovely makes, too. Oh well. It is supposed to be fun, right!? Hopefully you will have some time for your sewing soon. I love seeing your Marfy makes!

  • Thanks Philippa! You are so sweet! Hooray! Yes, I have really come to terms with the fact that I am a skirt and dress kind of gal. Others have commented on my being "dressed up" but that no longer bothers me. I can do most anything I need to in a casual dress…I even wore one on the rides in Disney World with no mishaps. I actually wrote about it on another blog that I contribute to from time to time. Here is the link if you are interested: http://takesix.ca/2014/04/22/getting-dressed/

  • So many nice outfits! I love love the Paris skirt and striped top! What a unique outfit. I know exactly what you mean about people commenting that you are "dressed up". I find it annoying. I don't want to feel self conscious about dressing my own way that's comfortable to me. Many of my things are just as comfy as a sweat suit. I, too, wore a dress to Disney. If it's comfy why not?

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