MMM’14 Week Two

I’m a bit slow at getting this weekly round up done and
it looks as though my week has eight days… I never was very good at math.
Day 10 I wore my sparkly baseball sweater.
Day 11 was my Fall Maxi dress that I have decided needs to be worn more often.
Day 12 I revealed my Floral Frenzy skirt for Project Sewn.
Day 13…nudist day. Juuuust kidding!!! I wore my pink striped me-made tee but didn’t get a picture. oops
For Day 14 I brought out my “Easter best” and dressed it down with denim.
Day 15 I wore an unblogged blouse that I have decided I like and maybe I’ll blog about it soon.

Day 16 brought out a favorite Simplicity 2444 dress.

Day 17’s great weather sent me outside to do yard work in my first Renfrew.

Day 18!! Half marathon day that lead to pajama day in an unblogged simple tee.



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