Me Made May ’14 and My Missing Wardrobe we are again..May 1st. The significance of this for anyone who may not know, it’s time for Zo’s Me Made May challenge. An entire month of wearing garments I have made! Last year was my first time participating and I loved every minute of it! I made new friends that I have never met but would love to and May was a month of wearing all my own makes, which felt so great. I also blogged everyday for the month as a personal goal as a new blogger. This year I have decided to only blog about MMM’14 once a week unless I am wearing a new, never before seen piece.  
Last year I was so prepared ahead of time with my garments and my Flickr page at the ready. This year is different story though…at 10:15 pm (ish) the night before… I remembered that I had to request an invite to the Flickr page. Oops. And about the same time I  brought out my spring and summer clothes… hmm. Last minute Margo could be my new nickname. Oh well. 
As I was hanging up my me-mades, I was taking stock of what I had and noticing what items are lacking or missing in my self made wardrobe. Namely, pants… or trousers as some of you call them. Last year I’m pretty sure that I vowed to make more pants but alas I’m am always drawn to pretty dresses and skirts. Lots of skirts… I think I sense a new summer challenge in the works… a Pant Parade.
In the process of taking inventory, I noticed that something else was missing! This dress! Gasp!
I am now on the hunt for this green beauty. Hopefully I will find it or the culprit who has it before the end of the month! Happy Me Made May everyone! I’ll be stalking you all over on Flickr!


  • Hi Margo! I entered MMM14 at the last minute! I don't have a lot of clothing that I've made myself, but in the end I really wanted to participate with the group. Once I sew a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, I could easily do a month of MMM, LOL. But, I am committed to 3 days out of the week, and I'm looking forward to it! Now! I must head over to Flickr to see if they've responded to my request to join the group! I'll see you there, and good luck with finding that gorgeous dress!

  • Hey Margo! Looking forward to seeing your outfits this year – I hope you find that dress too! I was also way more organised last year – I just joined flickr group yesterday & have no new clothes since last may so changed my pledge a bit. It's such a fun challenge!

  • Nothing wrong with lots of pretty skirts and dresses if that's what you like! I think trousers are terrifying to sew – at the moment, anyway! Happy May to you, I hope you find your dress, but I think you will look beautiful as always in whatever you pick.

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