Hello Old Friend

Does anyone remember when I said goodbye to my favorite pattern Simplicity 2444?
Yeah, me neither.
Ok, I do. I knew at the time that I needed to give this pattern a break. Well, I didn’t make any more of them…at least I don’t think I did…but I already had this one in my closet and I realized during Me Made May that I had never blogged about it.
Pattern:  Simplicity 2444
Fabric used: Floral linen “look”.  
Changes I made: This dress was made early in my infatuation…so it has a front center seam. I realized at dress number three that I neither liked nor needed to put this seam in. I cut it on the fold now. I also like to line at least the bodice now instead of using facings.
Repeat worthy? Uh duh….

This pattern redefines a TNT pattern for me. I always feel like myself in this style dress. I have even used the bodice to make a jumpsuit….shocking! You definitely haven’t seen the last of this one!


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