Signature Style…What’s Yours?

I couldn’t put a name to mine but some outfits make me feel more like myself than others…this one just feels like me. From the skirt shape, to the graphic tee, to the leopard print clutch….. I like every piece, individually and together as a whole. So much so, that if I had actually finished this skirt on time I would have entered it in the Project Sewn’s Signature Style sewalong. There were some great looks in that challenge!


 In case you are wondering what pattern this is…it’s McCall’s 6707. I won’t go into a full review (because I have done that already here, here and here..oh and here) but I will share with you a few details of this make.
First, the fabric…I found this beauty in the drapery department. I can’t really explain why I am drawn to a fabric but I just get sucked in. Eeeeeverytime. Even when it doesn’t necessarily don’t fit into my wardrobe. I lined this one with a piece of shiny polyester something that I had in my stash. I obviously need to work on my fabric identification or at least take note when I buy it…  Oh no, not me…I’m practically dancing my way out the door with my precious new fabric dreaming only of what I will make. Never thinking about its content. NEVER. EVER. ever.
I decided to significantly increase the width of the waistband to accommodate the pattern of the fabric. I love the high waisted look! I made this one according to instructions by putting in a side zip and I added an inseam pocket on the right side… know how I love my pockets. If I can’t have two, one will have to do.
Now let me share a little secret about this skirt pattern. It is great for any fabric that has a straight repeating pattern like this one and it also works great with horizontal stripes and border prints. I think I will try a border print this spring.


Skirt:self-made T-shirt:Sunfrog shirts Shoes:Joe Fresh Clutch:Rickis
So there you have it….what I would call my signature style. Well, at least for the moment, cause you know it’s always changing. That’s the fun in dressing right? It’s also the reason many of us sew. We can make whatever our imaginations dream up!

What kind of outfits make you feel most like yourself?


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