Picnic Skirt

I feel as though these pictures should be staged on a picnic blanket, with a beautiful wicker basket overflowing with yummy goodies and possibly the cutest puppy you have ever seen frolicking in the background… can you picture it? This skirt just gives me that feeling…ummm….probably because I once ate off  it when it used to be a tablecloth! True story!! A lapse in judgement on my part!!  I’m sitting there eating a lovely dinner with my family and I’m thinking…Why did I use this fabric for a tablecloth!?? These people are going to spill gravy all over it and it will be ruined!! As soon as dinner was over, I whipped it off the table and into the wash then hid it safely back in my stash! Whew! No stains!


I made this skirt from the McCalls 6706. I am loving this pattern so much! Again I moved the zipper from the side to the back and added pockets. You can see the previous skirts I made and my review, here and here.


I paired my new skirt with a checked shirt and my Lia Sophia necklace. My best friend sells Lia Sophia and I wear this necklace a lot! I don’t usually invest this much into a piece of costume jewelry but it was so worth it.
 I’m loving the pattern mixing of the floral and checks. I feel so girly and me in it. I am at a place in my life now that I truly want to wear what I like and what makes me feel confident. This outfit definitely put a little extra spring in my step today.
I may not have had the picnic in the park today but I did have a great day with Husband walking around the Public Gardens and the waterfront. Our picnic just happened to be at a local pub where I had the best diet coke and sweet potato fries ever..minus the gravy!



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