A Refashion and a Rant



I spoke too soon about all our lovely sunshine… we are in the midst of a long stretch of rain but we did get a brief reprieve and I ran outside to snap some pics of this refashion.
I picked this skirt up at my favorite thrift shop because I really liked the fabric and pattern.
Geez…love polka dots much?
This skirt was a VERY easy refashion. I reused the hemmed bottom because well… who wouldn’t?? I measured up from the bottom hem to my desired overall length, added two inches for my elastic casing and cut. I knew that I wanted a full skirt so I didn’t take it in at all. I turned down the waist to make my casing, sewed it around and inserted the elastic. Easy.



My usual choice would be to wear a bright pop of color with this skirt but I am liking black and brown together so I paired it with a white tee and brown belt and shoes. I have been wearing my skirts with t-shirts quite a bit this summer. I find it easy and comfortable to wear, plus I don’t feel so “dressed up”. Well more to the point…other people don’t see me as soooo dressed up. I love wearing dresses and skirts because they are really easy and comfortable, especially in the summer but I will get the odd comment..”Why are you dressed up today?” Ummmm I’m not. I’m just dressed. Just not in pajama bottoms. I know that I am not the first to rant about pajamas in public! It is such a pet peeve of mine! not going to rant..not going to rant.. So… lady in the PJ`s at the grocery store…the t-shirt is my compromise. I might even wear it to bed tonight.



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