My everyday look tends to be a dress and a cardigan combination. So of course, what do I do? I make another dress. I bought this pattern, B6204 when it first came out. I really liked the many details of this one, the crossover bodice, waistband, interesting, yet subtle, hemline and of course…the pockets.

navy diamond dress

I had this rayon in my stash and  I love the everyday wear ability of rayon. This one has a slightly heftier hand for rayon. I thought that the two suited each other for a good everyday dress. The dress went together quite easily and I like that it is self lined. I did have to tack the bodice together at the front, I found that it opened up a bit to much as I moved.

Pattern: Butterick 6204
Fabric used: Rayon
Instructions:  Were clear and I like how nicely the bodice was finished…and without hand sewing.
Changes I made: I didn’t have to make any changes to this dress, except to tack the crossover bodice so I didn’t show too much cleavage.
Repeat worthy? Yes! I really like the waistband, as well as the drape and hemline of the skirt.

navy diamond dress

After I finished the dress, I let it hang on my dress form for a couple of days. I’m usually too impatient for that kind of proper sewing but I’m glad that I did for once…I had to re-cut the hemline quite a bit to even it out.

navy diamond dress

View from behind… I didn’t do so well at pattern matching the waistband did I? Hmm..


My closet is really filling up with dresses…and navy blue ones at that!!  I MUST must start to add in some other pieces….on other colors!

Do you tend to make one type of garment more than others? Or are you really good at sewing a variety of things? Maybe Gillian’s dare will help me branch out… 🙂



  • Lovely look on you Margo!!! I have figured out “my look” at age 56….dresses also with cardigans, and denim skirts just not A-line shape, with fitted tops. I am heading off to Australia next week, so hope to find some beautiful fabrics of which rayon is one of them. Holding thumbs Australian fabric stores will blow my mind, but at the same time I need to be realistic…..20kgs of luggage is all I am allowed on my voyage back to South Africa. So I am telling myself now that I am going to be super-selective and keep my purchases down to not more than four or five pieces….wish me luck with that resolve!

      • My legs from the knees down have lost muscle tone due to back issues and I have quite small ankles, paired with narrow shoulders due to two shoulders ops (haha…yes my operating parts were packing up at a rapid rate at one stage…I have stabilized now!)….A-line styles make my legs look thinner due to the width of the hem and two thin stick legs then look glaringly obvious. So a more tapered hemline to just below the knee and of course fitted tops which don’t emphasis small shoulders are my thing. But you run and still have lovely shaped legs so A-lines should still look great on you.

  • This dress is beautiful and isn’t rayon lovely to wear? I think you know I’m pretty addicted to sewing jeans and button downs – I’m really trying to force myself to try new patterns too. I certainly am good at buying lots of different ones. 😉

    • I’m trying the jeans thing now…they are not giving me the best first impression. I think you of you often as I sew them and resew them! Let’s not talk about pattern stashes…I’ll never make up every pattern I have! lol

  • To me, this is one of those perfect pattern and fabric pairings you are so good at! A great everyday dress xx

  • Such a great dress, Margo! You have a knack for adding patterns to my wishlist haha. I can’t blame you for consistently sewing navy. I’d have to guess half my closet is blue and half of that is probably navy! Shouldn’t mess with a good thing, right!? 😉

  • Your dress looks amazing, I want one! It’s looks great on you and a perfect everyday dress. I am always drawn to blue and white, so much of my fabric and rtw clothes are and I keep trying to branch out but I’m failing.

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