Merry Christmas All The Way

Every year our family has a Christmas party… a themed Christmas party. It all started with the ugly sweaters…but of course we couldn’t leave it at that. We have had Redneck, Hawaiian Christmas, 80’s…and so it goes on. 
This year’s theme was “Fancy Pants”, which left dressing open to one’s own interpretation. Some dressed fancy…and wore their best fancy clothes and then some of us took it to another place and wore “fancy” pants. Obviously, that’s where I took it….

There are lots of great…as in pretty… Christmas prints out there and I could have gone with one of those but where would the fun be in that?! The day before the party I bought this bordered tablecloth fabric and set out to make McCalls 6083. Pockets and all….yes I did…why?…you ask? Because I can. One of the best things about sewing your own clothes is…you can make ANYTHING you want. 

Initially, I set out to make just the pant portion of this jumpsuit but then decided to go all the way and make the entire jumpsuit. No reason to hold back. I had made this pattern before so I knew that I had to only lengthen the bodice and I added some length to the leg. I found my last one a tad too short with my heels. 

The only attention I paid to pattern placement and matching was the border…I do realize that I have some unfortunate holly leaf placement going on…lol. No one else noticed….and believe me…if they did, they would have told me! They are that kind of family.

It was a great party…I love you…my crazy fun family. (I’m tearing up as I write this…) Each of you is so special to me. I feel unbelievably blessed to share this life with you all. Thank you for the fun, the love, the shared tears, and the laughter. Oh…..the laughs!!! 
I love each and every one of you, with all my heart.


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