Sewing Rules!




Holy moly people! I have been crazy busy! And boy… do I miss sewing and blogging. My unblogged projects are at an all time high right now. This skirt was made months ago and I have worn it but not until today had I gotten the chance to photograph it. It’s Newlook 6107. I have used this pattern quite a bit lately and have not been disappointed.


I won’t go into detail about the construction of this pattern because I have made it before here. However…check out this cool fabric…it’s chevron and striped all wrapped up into one! AND actually….it is also a diagonal…that is… if I had cut it on the grain. I realize that cutting this style of skirt out on the bias is a no-no but I did it anyway. Yes I did. It did have it’s consequences, mind you… like a lumpy spot at the bottom of the zipper that likes to poke out like a tail. Very flattering… yeah no. However….after I wore it for a bit the seat stretched out and it’s barely noticeable! (At least that’s what I tell myself)
 Can you spot the problem? Go ahead…zoom in on my butt. I give you permission..this time.



Skirt:self made Sweater: Gap Shoes:Old Navy (thirfted) Clutch:Franco Sarto Winners
So, have any of you deliberately broken the sewing “rules” ? How did it work out for you? Sometimes I think that new techniques can be discovered through experimentation…and sometimes breaking the rules just results in a lumpy tail on my butt.


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