Floral Frenzy

Or as my daughter calls this skirt…Floral Brilliance. (??) I had this fabric in my stash knowing that it would become another McCalls 6706 skirt but felt that I had made so many of these that maybe I should give it a break. Then cue…  Project Sewn‘s next season and this week’s Floral Frenzy challenge. Out came that fabric and this skirt materialized. I think I could almost make these in my sleep now!
I thought about linking up all the skirts from this pattern but there are too many and I’m just too lazy. This is the second post in one day…way too much typing, not enough sewing.





 I wore this with my new biker jacket today. I’m loving this jacket..
 For those of you looking for the details of this skirt….
My review:
Pattern: McCalls 6706
Fabric Used: A good quality quilting cotton.
Instructions: Were easy to follow and worked out perfectly.
Changes I made: Pockets. I love pockets so I made a back seam and moved the zipper to the back and inserted pockets in the side seams. I also made the waistband a little wider.
Don’t forget to head over to Project Sewn to vote for your favorite contestant and sewalong contestant!


  • Slightly off topic – but after ages of wonder how you got such gorgeous pics each and every time, I finally noticed the watermark on your pics! Do tell! who is your photographer hook-up (Same last initial as you? Does that mean its a talented family member?) I'm nosy and curious!
    Your skirt is gorgeous – I"m such a sucker for florals on black. Why don't they make more knit fabrics like that? 😉

  • This looks like such a versatile skirt with all those lovely colours to co-ordinate with. I am always surprised more fuller skirt patterns don't have pockets – it's such an obvious place to hide them! I know how you feel about finding a favourite pattern. I seem to do the same thing – if I find something that works I make it again and again in different colours and fabrics. I sometimes wonder if people will notice I'm basically wearing variations of the same stuff, but people never do. I guess they are too busy (lol) but another sewer might notice. Anyway I'm always very grateful when I find a TNT as I can get quite disheartened when I have a fail!

  • Thanks Gillian! My daughter, Emily, is a bit of a budding photographer (her scenery pics are my favorites!) and so she has been taking my pictures for me made may. It has been a treat to have someone want to take them for me! She picks her favs, does her thing, including her watermark which I think is awesome and passes them on to me to use. Before this May though, my boys, (husband and son) have always been my photographers and I'm sure they will be again because Emily is a busy girl. I have a good Canon camera and it's been trial and error… Maybe I should do a post on what I have learned… I'm NOT a photographer by any means but there are a few things that I think work to make a better picture.

  • Thank you Philippa! I agree..all full skirts should now have pockets. 🙂 I also worry that people are going to notice that I am using the same pattern but I really like a full skirt and this pattern works…so why not? Fabric can be expensive and I don't like wasting it on a fail. (Even muslin fabric.) It's happened plenty but I still don't' like it!

  • I would love to read that post! Now that summer is almost here I'll be taking more pics outside, and it's always hit or miss for me. I just took a Craftsy photography course and that really helped – I've got a post coming up about it this weekend! Always more to learn though! 🙂
    ps. Tell you daughter she is doing a GREAT job!

  • Oh good! Can't wait to read what you learned!!! Your question gave me the idea to write a post about it, so all last night I was thinking about it and I just finished writing the post! I'm a little sleepy this morning 🙂 I'll be sure to tell her. Thanks Gillian!

  • The whole outfit is adorable. I think every one needs lots of this skirt. I will have to check this pattern out, I'm looking for s simple skirt that isn't too fluffy and yours is perfect.

    It is so nice to see spring and green grass in all the pics. I have to add kudos to your kid photographers as well, your pics are always so stylish.

  • Gorgeous skirt and love it paired with your biker jacket. Just read Gillian's comment as well and your response to the your daughter's photos. They are really lovely!!

  • Thanks Christie! Your dress is so awesome and I will be using it as inspiration. I will now pair my skirt with my striped tee and black leather moto.

  • Thanks! I'll fix that right away. Funny thing is, I remember checking the pattern number twice and I still got it wrong. Is it possible to have "baby brain" 15 years after having had the baby!?? Lol!

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