Polka Dot Pullover

Back when I debuted my white moto jacket I wore this little blouse under it but I didn’t take the time to blog about it. I think I was just so excited about the jacket….


I used Newlook 6107. I really liked this blouse but at the time and considering my fabric choice, didn’t want to fiddle about with the buttons. So what did I go and do? Ignored them. Okaaaaay it’s not that simple but almost. When I looked at the pattern a little closer, I decided that it had plenty of ease to make it as a pullover blouse.
To do this, I cut the front piece on the fold, taking into consideration the seam allowance. I felt that the neckline might be a little too low for my liking so I raised it by 1 3/4 inches at the center. MUCH better! The only part that I found a little tricky was finishing the neckline… mitering the front center took some fiddling. I am overall pleased with it though!


This blouse has been quite the workhorse in my wardrobe these days. I always love a polka dot and though I usually choose fabrics that are much more colorful….I can always pair it with color.


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