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Can I just say…. I LOVE this dress!!

It was made back in February…. I know that was forever ago and it was cold and snowy outside at the time. It didn’t matter though because I was making this for a trip to a beach resort. When I travel on a plane, I like to be comfortable, covered and warm but when traveling to a warm destination, I also need to be prepared to hit the glorious heat. I find maxi dresses perfect for travel. I wear cozy leggings, a long sleeved cardigan and a scarf layered over a maxi for my travel to the airport and on the plane. All of which can be removed and tucked into my purse before we land. Toss my hat on my head and I’m set!
I only wish I had gotten a nice picture of this dress when I wore it on my vacation!




Dresses Made this :)
My review:
Pattern: Newlook 6122 I made view B in the longer length.
Fabric Used: Hampton Cotton Jersey
Instructions: I really, really wanted this dress to work! All went along very well until I came to the elastic back. Using the elastic guide, I found that the elastic was too long for me. Not sure what to do, I searched up reviews of this pattern and came across this post on How Good Is That?  Maria was kind enough to answer my question and I was well on my way again! Her answer was pretty simple and to the point but it was just what I needed to regain my confidence to continue. Thank you Maria!
Changes I made: I didn’t make any changes to this one…


So, how do you like to dress for travel? Does anyone else hate packing as much as I do?! Cause I LOATHE it.



  • I can see why you love it. It is just so lovely. I hate packing for travel as well….. I hate being restricted to just a few items to take!!

  • Your dress looks lovely! I can imagine that you were quite comfortable during travelling. My travel outfit looks almost the same, a short jersey dress with leggings and flats. I pack as addition socks, a scarf and a cardigan in my carry on. I heard somewhere that women with long skirts get searched more during security check but that might be a rumour. Haven't tried a maxi so far because I like to get through as quickly as possible.

  • Oh the dress is just lovely! I don't fly at the moment, but sometimes have to make long car and train journeys. I usually avoid maxi dresses because I'm so short and lots of fabric overwhelms me, but you have got me thinking as your travel outfit sounds so cosy. I've been wearing my Tilly Coco dress to travel in. – that's jersey so very stretchy, but I've found I don't feel comfortable in it without leggings. I just don't like having to be careful how I bend down! I will give comfy travel clothes some more thought. Thank you!

  • Wow, I'd never even heard of this pattern but it looks amazing on you. I love how the seaming on the bodice is kind of hidden from far away. But when you get close up it like a little surprise for your eyes.

  • funny…I clicked over from Simple Simon and Co. thinking about how I bought some fabric and a pattern for a maxi dress over a year ago and how nice yours looked….and it's the same pattern! I'll have to give it a go this summer, though now I'm rethinking my fabric choices. Looks great!

  • This is a gorgeous dress and love how you have used the stripes. I need to remember your travelling tip but my trips tend to be from the heat to the cold!

  • Thanks Philippa! You are right that some maxi dressed can be overwhelming. I like them to be quite fitted for this reason. I think I would find the Coco a wee bit short for me and would have to lengthen it…I'm not much of a legging wearer.

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