New Year… New Sewing Space!

Happy New Year!!
 I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.
Things may have been a wee bit quiet here on the blog but not at all in “real ” life! Holiday fun with the family has taken priority as well as my Grandpa being in the hospital for a month have made for a busy season.
So,due to this business I haven’t been sewing much lately but that isn’t the only reason…. I had a sewing flop. You know the kind of project that you have very high hopes for and then realize about a third of the way through that it’s just not going to work out the way you want but you trudge along, much like this run-on sentence, hoping that it will by some miracle become the beautiful creation you dreamed of….
Well, it has put me in a sewing funk. Instead of completely giving up, I decided that I needed a new sewing space and set about to make it happen.


(Here is a sneak peek of the above mentioned “flop”…)


As you can see, I moved to the laundry room. Not the most ideal situation with a family of five to do laundry for but it has motivated me to keep up on the laundry so I don’t have to look at it …or smell it!
I hung up a very large magnetic dry erase board which I have found to be very useful! I use it to hang display pattern instructions or pattern pieces as I use them and make notes for myself. I always like to have my favorite pocket pattern pieces within reach…you know how I love my pockets!





Although…I must say that the bound button holes turned out lovely. I worked hard on them and learned a great deal in the process. So all is not lost! I may not give up on this coat quite yet…..


I made the cutest little button magnets for the magnetic board by gluing magnets to large odd buttons. In the picture on the right you can see a special gift from my mom. She had saved my first attempts at sewing and just this year framed them for me. I was four years old when I sewed these buttons. This was one of those gifts that made me cry like a child when I opened it…
The laundry room area has a beautiful ocean view and warm morning sunshine. I have some finishing touches to make on it but it is well on it’s way to being a great space!


  • I love the look of your new sewing space. I'd love to have one close to the ironing board!! Love the white board as well! And they are beautiful bound button holes, hopefully you can salvage the jacket. Hope all is well with your family and love and best wishes for the new year.

  • Happy New Year Margo! That jacket looks like it should be a beauty – bound buttonholes, great looking fabric and an interesting shape – I really hope you can use some of your magic to make it work. Oh and your sewing space may be the laundry (like Handmade by Carolyn I think?) but it looks so welcoming! Love your board and button magnets in particular…

  • Happy New Year Margo. Even if the laundry room isn't the ideal sewing room, it looks really beautiful. I'm jealous! 🙂 Sorry to hear about the sewing flop, that really does kill the mojo. Maybe a new project is also in order.

  • What a very special thoughtful gift from your Mom. You will treasure this forever. What a wonderful idea! I love it! 🙂 Your new sewing space is bright and cheery with your many personal touches. And that beautiful view is sure to get your creative juices flowing! I'm confident your jacket will be another winner. Happy New Year and Happy Sewing in 2014.

  • Margo,
    I envy your sewing space! It looks lovely. I live a rather unconventional lifestyle that is pretty wonderful but doesn’t have a lot of space for a nice sewing area. We live on a 40 foot sailing catamaran. When we moved aboard I had to leave my beloved Janomes (a sewing machine and a serger) behind. I now sew with a heavy-duty Sailrite machine. It was great when I was sewing projects for the boat in canvas but it leaves a lot to be desired when sewing finer material for clothing. I too have a view of the ocean from my “sewing room” – our saloon/living room/dining room/family room. Perhaps one day when we return to life ashore I will have a dedicated space in which to create.
    What a wonderful gift your mom gave you! Hopefully you can salvage the coat. It looks flirty and feminine and would suit you so well. I look forward to seeing the final result.

  • It looks great, you have tons of natural light and that white board is a fabulous idea. those button magnets are so cute.
    Sorry about the project,those bound buttonholes look great.
    I think its time for an easy project to stimulate the mojo. Its almost time to start thinking spring, you are off to a great start in 2014.

  • Hey you!! My husband was looking over my shoulder and just said…" Hey it's Froggie Girl!" You are populaaaaar! Uh huh you are.
    I feel like it's been forever… I have so much catching up to do…. Maybe if I spend hours swooning over everyone else's lovely makes, my mojo will get a kick in the you know what… Yes, a new project is a must right now.
    Hope you had a wonderful holiday.

  • Happy New Year to you too! I missed you so much!
    So sorry about the coat, but by the looks of it, I don´t think all is lost! On the contrary, it looks so pretty! Great bound button-holes by the way.
    Great to have you back!!
    Oh, and I wish I was half as organized as you!

  • My sewing room is right across the hall from the laundry room and I love the convenience of having water and the other appliances at the ready. I just discovered your blog and really enjoy it. As a fellow Maritimer (NB) I also totally understand the havoc that our weather wreaks on our wardrobes. 🙂

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