Sewing Room Gadgets

Let’s talk gadgets shall we… I’m not one to venture into that area of my local fabric store probably because I head to the pretty fabric like a moth to a flame! I just can’t help myself…I can’t.
Now, husband on the other hand… when I drag him into the fabric store, he browses the gadget wall and then come Christmas I find lovely and useful new toys in my stocking!
These may not be new to any of you but they were once new to me and are now valued tools in my sewing escapades.
  1. Pressing Block- Well that’s what I call it anyway.( I think its actual name is a tailor’s block) My family teased me mercilessly for buying a block of wood. The boys said they could have made me one easier. Poo poo….I use this all the time! I use it immediately after pressing while the fabric is still hot and the fabric cools while it still has some weight on it and leaves a very crisp press.
  2. Here we have a point turner/button gauge that was a gift from my mom and I blogged about this gadget before here. So helpful for hemming jeans or sewing over any lumpy seam! 
  3. This tailor chalk is great for me because my solid one was never sharp and often didn’t leave a sharp line for me. But this beauty lays down a perfect line every time and husband keeps the refills coming every year.
  4. The snips I use are pretty cheap so I received and entire box of 12 of these at a time! They are always at my side while I sew.
  5. The gadget in the middle of the picture is a bodkin. I had never heard of this one before but it does wonders at turning sashes, belts or ties right side out. Also awesome for threading elastic through a casing. You can get a little peek of it in use here
  6. Then there is this little beauty… bias tape maker. I just made this jacket and wanted to give it Hong Kong finishes inside so the bias tape maker came in handy! I slid a one inch strip of fabric cut on the bias of course and as it comes out of the other end you just press it. After I press it, I like to use my tailors block to put more pressure on the fabric while it cools so the tape keeps its shape. And voila! You have bias tape so quick and easy in any fabric you choose!
Magic right there! So what are your favorite toys or gadgets in the sewing room?


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