Peplums, Fancy Pants and Meatballs

I think these pants are just the best pants I have ever owned. Period. No, I didn’t make them otherwise I would have a pair in every crazy print I could find. I can’t make pants…yet. (I’m an optimist) Remember my last attempt, I know I’d rather not. Now that I have expressed my undying love for these pants…I’ll move on to the top I made just so I could wear these pants on this blog. Showing off my fancy pants… Yup.
I used  Newlook 6196. I made view A with the cap sleeves. The pattern was pretty straight forward and fit well enough. Although, I find the waistband a little to high, which is not unusual for me but I almost always forget to check. I got excited to start this top and rushed ahead without thinking. Oops. Sometimes I’m a slow learner.
Top:self-made Fancy Pants:Joe Fresh Shoes:Payless Purse:Winners Necklace:a mystery


As a side note, I should never be allowed to wear white, I dropped a meatball on the front of my pretty new top. Luckily you can’t see the greasy spot (ok so maybe you can, so what). I always blamed my kids for my inability to wear and maintain white clothing but maybe, just maybe, it’s me that’s the slob after all. Sorry kids.


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