Me Made May 2013

Wow… I just left a comment on ‘So, Zo… What do you know?’ pledging to wear one self-made or refashioned  garment everyday for the month of May. I’m excited to do this challenge. I hope to learn to remix the garments I have made into new outfits and be inspired to make more practical everyday pieces. (I love my dresses but they are not always practical)

With this challenge I’m allowed set my own rules, which is nice because although I do make full garments, I also like to refashion and alter clothing.I’m allowing those items to be included as well. Zoe doesn’t suggest that anyone do ‘panic sewing’ to get ready for May…but I can’t promise that! I know full well that I will likely do just that….as I have been known to do some last minute sewing in the past. The fact that I have signed up for this challenge before May 1st, is something to be celebrated!

The ‘outfit post’ component of this challenge will be fun and interesting for me. My only issue might be finding a willing and pleasant photographer on the days that Handsome is away. Any volunteers?

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