Pared Down


I love a great dramatic garment and my pinterest boards certainly indicate this. Sometimes though, I just know when too much is too much and things have to be reeled in just a bit. That was the case here.


I made this sleeveless blazer about five years ago….back when they were still called vests. I was enrolled in a tailoring class and was told I needed a vest pattern for the class. At the time, I was quite perturbed, a vest for a tailoring class?! I wanted a full blazer…with sleeves…to learn it allllll! I will not go into a rant about my disappointment in this and other classes I have taken at the local art college… BUT let me just say this, it was a waste of my time and money! I have learned so much more from fellow sewists online and through online classes and tutorials. I am so proud of this community and the quality of skills that is shared…for free! That is true passion. Ok…I’m done. I’m feeling just a little angry about it…all over again…maybe that’s why it has taken me so long to write about this make…. Husband will surely be calling it the Angry Vest after reading this post. lol
Ok. Now I’m really done.



I choose V1214, an Alice and Olivia pattern. I remember choosing this one because it had pockets and I loved the lines of the back. The class instructor said my choice was too difficult….ughhh!!!! IT’S A TAILORING CLASS! (oops sorry, I fell of the wagon, won’t happen again).
The pattern called for godets in the back and I felt that they were just a bit too much for me. So I omitted them. Pretended those pieces didn’t even exist, like my class instructor by the third night…oops I lied.


This pattern called for lots of topstitching and I remember enjoying that part. I think that I should have used a heavier interfacing for the front band because I find that it went a wee bit wavy.


For the lining, I used a Bemberg in gray. I find Bemberg so fiddly when sewing with it but I love the finished product so much that it’s worth the effort. I didn’t put closures on the front band because I knew I would likely wear it open and on the odd occasion that I wanted to wear it closed, I wore a belt.
I like the paired down version of this pattern and think that without the full godets in the back, the subtle details and design lines are able to shine.
I just want to say… I love the sewing community both online and off. The support I feel and I see given to others is outstanding.  oh…and sorry about the rant…


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