Nautical Obsession

I’m not sure what to call this make….a kimono..duster…jacket….bath robe….vest…beach cover up? It has become all those things to me. I have worn this everywhere! I wake up in the morning and just put it on. Everyday. ok…that may be a bit of an exaggeration…but not far off.
I made it using McCalls 7200. I love the look of a Kimono style top and when I found this print I knew what pattern to turn to. My obsession with patterns serves me well this way. 
I made view A and the only change I made was adding 20 inches to the length. That was it! So easy. I added so much to the length that I didn’t have enough fabric for the facing so I used a navy and white floral that I had in my stash. I didn’t get picture of it….sorry.

I wanted to wear it with navy shorts and forgot that I had made these…I felt that they were perfect for this look. You can see the original post here.

A close up of the print… and in the picture below you can see just a peek of the floral facing.
Can you spot it?

Here I am at the beach. Gilllian..I have now completed my dare to make something beachy! Sorry it took so long! Gillian also inspired me to take pictures in a new location.
Check out her Better Pictures Project!

 This kimono goes perfectly with my high waisted two piece bathing suit. I made the bottoms and a couple others like it about three years ago but have never blogged about them. I love a high waist bikini and this nautical one is my absolute favorite bathing suit ever! I actually made two of them…I’m at the beach a lot. Maybe I will one day share how I made them in a post….

All covered up…

I don’t know if it is because I live on the coast….but my obsession with nautical, navy and white outfits is deep. I can’t seem to stop…


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