Sweet Simplicity Skirt


It’s sewing 101, this skirt is so easy. I’m sure many sewers had their start with a skirt like this one….two rectangles sewn down the sides, fold down the top and stitch to make a casing for the elastic, insert elastic and hem! (I got all fancy and added inseam pockets to mine…oooooh!!)
 The simplicity of this skirt is perfect for letting a great fabric shine and it is so quick to make. Perfect for beginners or for anyone wanting an easy satisfying make to coax the return of sewing mojo.
Rather than making a tutorial for this skirt…cause there are so many great ones already out there….here’s a link to one that uses much the same process that I did here.


I’m pretty proud of myself for using a remnant for this skirt. My daughter had made herself a maxi and I quickly scooped up the leftover piece which was a little over half a meter. Some of you are awesome at using up your bits and bobs of fabric in your fabric stashes with incredible creative flair.  Me, not so much. I get drawn to the new and shiny.  Do you use up remnants?
 What do you make with yours?


  • I love the colours of this skirt, very versatile. I often forget about the basics of sewing and how satisfying it can be to make something quick. I made a pledge to myself this year to try and use up my remnants/scraps as I go and so far have done well, it helps I have two little ones that I can sew for but clutches are always a good stash buster for both fabrics and zips.

  • Yes!! Projects for little ones is a great way to use up remnants. I no longer have little ones so clutches would be perfect for me! Good idea!!

  • If I have a 1/2 yd I save all my pieces and then have a bias tape day where I make continuous bias tape. (I don't do the folds because I have a binder). And then I fold it all up and tie it with a coordinating ribbon, because that makes me happy.

  • This is so pretty! And love that you were able to use up a remnant for it – I keep saving mine up but I don't use them as much as I want to.

  • Some how you make everything look elegant Margo. Even the "beginners" elastic waist skirt.

    I seem to do OK with larger remnants but anything under a yard seems to sit around forever.

  • Of course! Pockets and facings are perfect for the scraps. Thanks for ghe reminder I'm making a blouse and am short a bit of fabric so using a scrap of coordinating fabric will solve that problem. Sue to the rescue! Thanks lady.

  • Thanks heather! It's kinda tricky because I don't like to have two or three garments made if the same fabric. So I need to be a bit more creative with it.

  • Lol thanks Heather! I have the same problem and that's why I asked the great and wise sewcialists for help 😉 They are just so smart.

  • Love the skirt! Remnants aren't much of a problem for me. I cut scrap pieces into quilt pieces, usually 2 1/2×5, which gives me a brickwork layout quilt when I have enough to stitch it into strips and then the strips into a top. I love the randomness of scrap quilts! For larger pieces, my daughter is just the right size to use up bits and pieces on skirts or shorts.

  • What a great yet simple skirt. The print makes it and you look fantastic in it. (You always look great in skirts and dresses!)
    I'm like you, I don`t throw away the remnants, but they tend to sit forgotten forever…until now! If they are cotton, I use them to make bias binding or lining a pocket, if it is a small piece, if it's bigger I make something for my daughter or my son.

  • Good for you for using up a remnant;) I'm trying to use up mine. Seems like whenever I purchase fabric, I don't have any particular project in mind but I like to get at least 1 1/2 meters. I seem to always have extra left over. This looks like such a great way to use up the excess:)

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