Charlie Jumpsuit

Project Sewn’s newest season is now underway and the first challenge is titled Leading Ladies. Well, let me tell you first that all the ladies in this season are leading ladies in their own right! Their creations for this challenge are phenomenal! Be sure to go vote for your favorite and good luck choosing just one!
I decided to sewalong this season and was excited to start the first challenge… I would usually choose a project based on some forties or fifties era movie but I couldn’t seem to stop thinking about the Charlie’s Angels TV show from the seventies. Gosh, I loved watching reruns of that show as a kid! Besides…is there ever going to to a better excuse to make myself a jumpsuit?! Yeah no. Probably not.
Here is an eyeful of jumpsuit inspiration for you to feast upon! Your welcome.

While tempted to make a most flattering sequined jumpsuit… I opted to make what I hoped turned out to be a more modern version.

Warning: This is not a tutorial. Not even close.
This project is a mash up of two patterns but one pattern was hacked up almost beyond recognition. Oh the fun! For the bodice, I used Simplicity 2444. Anyone who follows here knows my love affair with this pattern runs deep. Real deep people. This bodice being a tried and true pattern for me made it a perfect start. Besides, if this jumpsuit thing flopped then I could always fall back on making it into a dress.

The pants are this Newlook pattern. I know… the finished product looks nothing like the drawstring pants of the original. This is where I played around and added front pleats and back darts (that are kind of long, I realize..). I tried the two on together and measured what I would need for a waistband…. you know to fill that gap. I used an invisible zip of course because I actually don’t know how to insert a proper lapped zip. There. I said it. I stink at lapped zips.

This project was pure fun for me both to make and I’m sure to wear. I can think of sooooo many ways to wear this jumpsuit. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite designer over at Project Sewn as  well as your favorite sewalong contestant!


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