MMM Day 7 Jet Lag


As I started this challenge, I quickly realized that I would be travelling for the first few days of it and that scared me just a little. You see… I HATE PACKING! I tend to dress according to my mood for the day. Bright colors to cheer myself up, black to feel chic, a dress if I`m feeling girlie etc. That being said, I always over pack so that I have plenty of options to accomodate my moods.
The MMM challenge changed the way I packed this time. I knew I had to have at least one self-made garment a day so I choose one piece per day an made an outfit around each and before I knew it…I was packed. I would like to say that I am a changed woman in this regard but I will probably revert back to my old ways of packing….


Top:self-made Cardigan:Costco Jeans:Calvin Klein Sandals:Aldo Necklace:Lia Sophia
Check out this oldie pattern… love it.
My day was filled with airports and planes so I knew that I needed something easy to wear and this top fit the bill. I made it from a grey and white polka dot using a vintage Simplicity pattern. The pattern is intended for knits but I sized it up for my woven and am pleased with the result.

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