MMM Day 23 Dear Simplicity 2444,

My first ever Simplicity 2444 dress Shoes:Old Navy Belt:Joe fresh




Dear Simplicity 2444,
 I think I am obsessed with you. So, for fear of my wardrobe becoming a sea of vintage style dresses and my sewing skills not growing to their full potential…I had better let you go and see other patterns. I have sewn you at least five times now plus one more in current production. I have picked up another copy of you just in case you got too worn out too use and every time I look at a fabric, well… I picture it made up into you, my Simplicity 2444. It’s too much… I’m sorry. I’ll miss you. (But you and I both know I will be back) This is not goodbye my love…it’s see you later.

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  • Hey, it works so go for it.

    You use such diverse fabrics for your different versions that I am sure nobody will notice.

    I really like the movement of this print, it has very appealing eye flow, if that makes sense.

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