MMM Day 17 Something A Little Different




McCalls 6706




This skirt is a great example of why I love to sew some of my own clothes…I’m not likely to see another like it and it’s fun to wear something a little different. Two ladies ( french teachers ironically) complimented me this morning and it felt great, especially knowing that I made it. After they were out of earshot, Handsome asked my why I didn’t tell them that I made it. I shrugged. I guess the self satisfaction is enough. What do you do in the same situation?
 I found this print in the drapery section and pounced upon it immediately!
 I knew exactly what I was making with it. No hesitation at all. I took what was left on the bolt and skipped off to the cash (literally skipped..Handsome was mildly embarrassed).  At the cash, the clerk asked me where I had found this fabric, puzzled by her question, I told her, and she proceeded to tell me about another lady who had tried to hide it so she could take time to decide whether or not she wanted it…oh. I felt bad… I’m okay now.
My review:
Pattern: McCalls 6067
Fabric Used: A “linen like” drapery, think burlap that softened nicely in the wash
Sizing: I cut it to my usual size and it was a tad big but I do tend to cut  patterns too big on a regular basis so don’t go by me on this one. I have to remedy this.
Instructions: Were easy to follow and worked out perfectly.
If I could change anything: Pockets. I love pockets but with the side zip little more tricky and I wasn’t in the mood to try and also a stiffer waistband fabric. I used a black linen I had but even with interfacing found it a bit too soft.
Repeat worthy? Yes. I already have a similar skirt I’m in the process of making using a self drafted pattern that I will now pick apart and rework with this one.
Skirt:self-made Tank:Joe Fresh Cardigan: J Crew(thrifted) Shoes:Franco Sarto Hat: Aldo
*UPDATE I have decided to lengthen this skirt…after seeing it in pictures, I think it would be better a bit longer. Tonight’s project!


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  • oooo la la! This is a fantastic skirt! Love your story about the hidden fabric – he he he! To the decisive go the spoils!
    I too am thinking of self-drafting a skirt soon, but I do like that pattern you've used. Perhaps I'll use a pattern instead too. Thanks!

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