Coats, Copy Cats and Cattle Conversations


          I am so glad that I live in a part of the world where we have definitive seasons. I always enjoy the start of a new season. Fall is especially great for me because I’m a coat girl. I have a lot of coats. And no, I will not count them! I would most likely be embarrassed and I am capable of embarrassing myself quite well without seeking a new opportunity to.
Now, let me defend my crazy coat collection…First off, I almost never buy one new, my best stuff is thrifted. $10 for a beautiful grey Nanette Lepore coat…who could pass that up? Not me. And if you could, then pass that coat over here lady! Secondly, I am also a dress girl. I love to wear a dress but in the winter it’s cold, so a long coat is like wearing a beautiful dress…without the ITCHY tights! Some days those tights just aren’t happening. Coats also make it easy to look good running errands. In these pictures, I’m actually wearing my Christmas jammies but you can’t see them under my beautiful coat! Ok, not true, but I could wear whatever crazy getup I want under a coat and still look great. Just remember not to go anywhere you may have to take that coat off!!



 I made this coat about three years ago from a Vogue pattern. When I dug out the pattern to photograph, I noticed that I had copied the fabric choice used on the front of the pattern. Hmmm. That’s not something I usually do, but I must have really liked it. I remember this coat being a big deal for me to make. A lined coat in a plaid that had to be matched…yup it was a big deal.
I still wear this coat even though it doesn’t fit as well as it used to. After seeing these pictures, I think that a different belt would look nice. Something more like the one on the pattern cover…Yes, I am definitely a copy cat on this one.



I had to include this picture. Here is how everyone reacts when they find out we have cows…
Everyone:     YOU!? Have cows?!
Me:              Yes. We have cows. Steers actually.
Everyone:     Do you milk them?
Me:              No, but you can try.
Everyone:    Really?
Me:             No.
Everyone:    Where do you keep them in the winter?
Me:             In the freezer.
Everyone:    Huh?
Me:             We eat them.
Everyone:    Oh, right.
Seriously, I have had this very conversation many, many times over the last four years. It is always funny to me. Real farmers (we are not real farmers) must think people are very stupid. I know we were, before we started this hobby farm thing.






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