floral coverup/white swimsuit

Water Play

floral coverup/white bathing suit

Look who’s back with a shiny new blog! Eeeek! I’ll  share more about it at the end of this post.

Nothing shortens a long winter quite like a trip to a beautiful beach. I was blessed to take a three generation vacation with my Nanny, Mom and sister! So of course, I did some sewing for the trip…right up to the last minute… of course. New swimsuits and cover ups were at the top of my list.

floral coverup

With fair skin, I need a good cover up. I set out to find a pattern and found this easy tutorial. In fact, it was so easy that I made one for each of us for the trip.  I loved the fresh bright colors of this pretty printed chiffon and thought the white fringe would be a cute addition.

white swimsuit

white swimsuit

I thought that a white swimsuit would be a pretty pairing with this cover up. The swimsuit fabric is actually an embossed scuba knit. I couldn’t resist the pretty pattern and had to try it. I knew this fabric was a risk because it isn’t as stable as a good swimsuit spandex so I lined it with a heavy white spandex. It stood up to the water but I think it could use a little elastic in the waist hem for stability. That’s what I love about sewing…taking a risk that works out. It could still use some tweaking, but overall, I love the result.

white swimsuit

A few years back I drafted a high waisted bikini bottom for myself and it has been my go to choice in swimsuits. It consists of one pattern piece with just sides seams…no uncomfortable crotch seam. Then using my coverstitch machine, I hem the legs and waist. I don’t add elastic in the hems and like that they lay flat.

floral coverup/white swimsuit

My usual route is to buy a bikini top that I like and then make a bottom to match. This time I decided to try to make the top as well. For the top I used McCalls 7168, the ruffled bandeau. I love the playful ruffle…and felt that it would be comfortable and secure to wear…and it was! The top was pretty easy to put together until I reached the clasp. I didn’t have a clasp in my stash! Shame on you stash! I’ll let it slide this time since I don’t usually make swimwear…but now you know.

With the fabric store closed for holiday, and I was leaving early the next morning, I had to put a seam in the back and hope that I could shimmy myself into it. It worked just fine for the trip but I plan to add the clasp now and make new straps with sliders.

floral coverup

I felt both pretty and well covered in this outfit and look forward to wearing it once summer arrives here in Canada.

I know that many of you are making bras, I’m wondering, would the same principles for bra making work for bathing suit tops?

IMG_8694 (2)

Now…about the move to WordPress and how I did it.

Well, I didn’t. I found help.

 Now, I can sew and obviously (or not)…I have fumbled my way through posting on my blog but when it came to making the actual move…yeah no…that was not happening. Some things are better left to those who are better at that thing than me.

Through a good friend, I found Belinda of WiNiTh Website Design. Let me tell you…. she is AWESOME. We haven’t met in person and haven’t even talked over the phone but working with her was so easy and  effortless…. at least for me it was! ( I didn’t have to do all the work!) I sent her links to sites that I liked and she quickly got a sense of what I was looking for in a blog style. And boy did she nail it! Belinda thought of everything, some of which I’m not yet ready for but her ideas are ones I aim to use in the future. Isn’t it awesome when you find someone who has a passion for what they do and it is reflected in their work and interactions with others? My friend warned me that I would like this lady’s enthusiasm and energy so much that I would want to be her best friend! I’m gonna try not to stalk her with coffee and cookies in hand… no promises though.


  • You look great! I love both your kimono and the swimsuit I have almost bought that swimsuit pattern before because I thought the ruffled top looked darling… but am not sure it would be supportive enough for my 38 G rack though Super inspired now after seeing your makes

    • Thanks Allie! I have to give photo credit to the gorgeous location and of course, my sister! She was so great to take pics for me.

  • I love the new look of your blog! And your swimsuit and coverup are so chic! Great photos. Hope you had a good vacation! I actually have that swimsuit pattern myself and I’m planning to make it this summer.

  • Oh Margo! This is the perfect first post on your new blog! All sunshine-y and endless blue skies…your photos are just so happy and optimistic…and that fits so well with the growth you’ve been experiencing over the last several months. Congratulations my friend!

    Of course, you’ve also knocked it out of the park style-wise, not to mention mad sewing skillz. Your cover-up is gorgeous, and I don’t think I’ve seen a prettier white two piece swimsuit. I am totally going to try your one piece, side seams only bottoms…and genius for choosing such super fabric; good looking and gives the necessary good coverage!

    At first glance, your blog is fantastic! I look forward to looking more in depth after commenting. I may just email you privately to discuss switching from blogger to wordpress. Ah…thoughts…

    You. Look. Gorgeous.

    • You are so sweet, Sue! Thank you. I really love a high waist bathing suit… I think it is both classic and sexy. I also think that it works for every body type. I have made a few more, I hope I don’t bore everyone with more of these posts…I just think that we can all feel pretty at the beach and for me, this kind of beach wear does it.

      I can’t take credit for the move to WordPress but would love to chat! So far I really like the format.

      Cheers my friend!

  • What lovely photos! You look awesome in your new bikini and I really like your fabric choice. The cover-up is a perfect addition, and it was so nice of you to make one for each of you!

  • Great swimmers and great beach cover up. I made my first beach cover up this year and it’s so incredibly liberating to play around at the beach with it on without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction. Congrats on the shift to WordPress. I also transitioned last year, by myself and I’m not technical, so there was a lot of reading and researching and crossing my fingers 🙂

    • We all felt so chic in our cover ups! Good for you making the transition yourself…I’m super impressed! Thanks Christy!

  • Check you out – you look amazing! Such a pretty cover up and a great swimsuit! I think your choice of scuba is inspired – we all know white swimsuit fabric goes translucent when wet, but I’ll bet scuba doesn’t! I love your photos and the new site looks terrific and modern and clean :).

    • I used a heavy spandex to line this suit…No wardrobe malfunctions, thank you very much..no one wants to see that! Thanks Gabrielle!

  • Gorgeous swimsuits and cover up. The colour suits you beautifully. Love your new blog Margo and looking forward for more updates 🙂

  • The print on your baby suit is really nice. I found myself admiring it. I never would’ve thought using something like that to make a bathing suit. And of the course, the chiffon is just bright! And congratulations, on the new website design. It’s so white and crisp. I too, am looking to redesign mine.

    • Thank you Elovedra! I love bright fresh colors but nothing can really compare to the backdrop of a white sand beach and that gorgeous blue water!

  • I really like the bright colors of the cover up and the details of your swim suit. Incredible job, as always. But oh my, how special it must have been to spend this beautiful vacation with your Nanny, Mom and sister! Would love to see a photo of the four of you in those wonderful cover ups. Thanks for sharing and your new site looks great!! 🙂

    • It was such a special trip! I wish I could have share a pic of all of us but some are a bit shy about being on the webs. Thanks Almeda!!

  • I love your suit and cover-up! White swimwear is fabulous. I think I need to talk my mom into the idea of generational beach vacations! I could certainly get used to having a reprieve from the winter cold and grey!

  • I’m finally catching up with my blogroll! Your new website looks amazing!! I love it!

    Your new bathing suit and cover-up are perfect. Super stylish and it all looks fantastic on you too! I hope you had a great trip – and that everyone else loved their kimonos too!

    • Glad you like the new site….a change is good sometimes and I really like WordPress. We had a wonderful trip and I felt chic and nicely covered on my suit and cover-up. Thanks Heather!

  • Милая Марго! Вы красавица! Ваши работы великолепны!
    Увы, я не говорю по английски, поэтому не могу сполна выразить свое восхищение тем, что вы создаете. Пожалуйста, радуйте нас швейными новинками. Спасибо 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Honey Margo! You are beautiful! Your work is great!
    Unfortunately I do not speak English, so I can not fully express my admiration. Please raduyte our sewing innovations. Thank you.

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