Dress Coat

If you come to my house for a visit, I will always ask if I can take your coat but then I’ll just turn around and hang it on the banister…wanna know why? My front closet is full…embarrassingly full of my coats. No one else’s…just mine. There is no possible way I could fit yours in there. I know that I could purge the collection but then how could I call it an obsession…?  I have mentioned my coat obsession way back in year one of my blogging journey….some things never change!

Cause here I have gone and made another one. A good one if I do say so myself…. I love this fabric! 
For this coat, I  used Burda 6772.  I love the design of this coat but like many others…found the instructions lacking. I was also lacking some much needed sleep at the time so that didn’t help but I did manage to get through it.

I’m not a fan of a CB seam but wanted to ensure a good fit so I did my best to print match. I’m pleased with the result.

I opted to used self fabric covered buttons and large snaps. Bound button holes would have been ideal but I desperately wanted this coat to turn out and the possibility of me messing them up was highly likely at the time. Sometimes you just have to play it safe.

I chose a black Kasha lining. I think I have mentioned my love for this lining before when I used it  in my McCalls 6656 coat. This flannel backed lining adds warmth without bulk, perfect for a dress coat.


Me Made IRL… so I thought that I would start sharing some pictures of how I style and wear my me mades in real life. Jeans, heels, tunic and a little sparkle.


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